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LAS Call for Whitepapers

Review Instructions

Signing Up/Creating An Account:

  1. Navigate your browser to the Reviewer Sign in/Sign up page
  2. Using the Sign Up Keycode provided to you, enter the code into the text box under the Sign Up header and click the Sign Up button
  3. Fill out the User Profile form shown and select the topic areas you're interested in reviewing
    1. NOTE: For the username field, please use the first part of your NCSU email address as your username
    2. NOTE: Topic area selection is purely informational and will have no influence on what is assigned for review
  4. Once you've submitted the form you'll receive an email confirming what you've submitted

Signing In To Review Submissions:

  1. Navigate your browser to the Reviewer Sign in/Sign up page
  2. Enter the username and password you created in the previous step under the Sign In header and click the Sign In button
  3. If you have submissions to review you'll see them immediately upon logging in
  4. NOTE: The following steps are for reviewers with submissions assigned to them
    1. For each submission assigned to you for review, there is an abstract available and potentially a file
      1. NOTE: Files are not required for submissions so you may or may not have a file available for review
    2. Once you've reviewed the abstract and/or the file (if available), click the title of the submission to begin the review process
    3. For each category, select what you think accurately describes the submission
    4. NOTE: You may omit providing any comments to/for the author as this feature has been disabled internally
    5. Enter any comments you wish to provide to leadership, decide if you would like a copy of the review, and determine if this is the final draft of your review
        NOTE: You have the option to go back and make changes to your review even after you mark it as your final draft
    6. Click Submit Review and repeat for any additional submissions that have been assigned to you for review


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